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Sorry to bother you everyone, but I desperately need to spread the word for my friend and I.

:iconnikiera: is selling 1$ sketch commissions. Which is an awesome price for a good cause.
Niki and I have been friends for more than four years now, and for the first time we met in person this summer and had a good time. We want to be able to see one another over winter break too because we'd like to not have to wait another year before we can  be together again. So all of this money is going to purchasing a plane ticket.
Both niki and I have been having a horrible time finding a job with this awful job market, so commissions are the only real way to earn some money now till we can get a job.
If you can help us that'd be fantastic, every little bit helps!

You can find info on commissions here ==>…
Samples here=>…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read.
Sorry folks but this account wont be updated much anymore.
My original account :iconedli-dark: will host my fanart, such as pokemon and rayman.
Though more original works of mine will be featured on a blog I'm sharing with the amazing :iconnikiera:
you can also follow me on twitter if you'd like.

sorry about all of this, but I hope to try and be more productive in the future on these new sites. Thanks for reading.
Last year, I would've found myself forgetting this holiday entirely, only to be reminded about it and spew forth all the reasons its dumb.
But not this year!
Why the change of heart?
Because this V-day, I'm not going to focus on the romance aspect! No sirree.
Instead, I'm going to take this holiday and use it to appreciate those very near and dear to me. Moreso than I try to every day.
So, if you're one of those lonely hearts, then let me make a suggestion if you'll read just a little further.
Take a bit of time to look for a friend, a family member, who is very special to you, and take some time today to tell them just how freaking awesome they are.

This journal entry is dedicated to ~:iconnikiera:
You are splendawesome to the power of 10 (See you're so amazing I had to make up a new word!)
Hey there! My friend Nikiera just opened up commissions and I want to encourage you to go give her a look, she's an awesome artist with some mad skills and for a good price too!

Edit: Hey, my friend lowered her prices, so if you weren't convinced before, go now! Help her pay for college! EDUCAAATIIOOON
Due to some recent news I've been getting and also some personal issues, including school, etc. I won't be posting up original art for quite a while, that isn't to say never, but don't look forward to it any time soon.

Please do not think that this is anyone's fault, it isn't, and it has nothing to do with drama or anything of that sort. This is merely a personal decision based on a few reasons. If you would like to know why, you can send me a note, though honestly, its not that big of a thing to fuss over.

Thank you to all those wonderful people out there who have watched me till now, once again, I don't think this is the end of posting original art forever on deviantart, but for the time being, it is the case.

I still might post some fanart on my alternate account Edli-Dark but that will be about it, I'll still use this account for faving art and checking up on all you wonderful artist, so keep cool, thank you.
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I really do. I called him Jerome.

I need a new avatar and ID...I really do.

Character Works-
-Starmity Characters
--Enit & Ori-7
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I hate resolutions, I really do, why?
Because they never seem to happen with me but I think I may have better motivation this time.

I just sent in my portfolio for reviewing and quite honesty, I'm completely embarrassed. Be rest assured, I'm not hating on my own art but, after turning it in I realized that I really don't take my art all that seriously. I love what I do and do what I love but I look at so many artist around me and realize that I haven't put in as much effort as I can and it's not fair to those who stress and work hard to get where they are.

What was in my portfolio does not express my strengths or desires nor does it express any extra talents because well, I haven't really practiced anything outside the field of cartooning and what not, I've dabbled here and there but nothing serious. I want to make a resolution to do better this year, to make this the year where I challenge myself to learn new tricks of the trade, new mediums, and especially life drawing and architecture. *nod nod*

I now seek not praise but support and criticism which requires another change that is important, being a good supporter and critic myself. I have many people that I watch and look at their art, I've put many a good piece into favorites and yet only a handful have I commented on, sadly, most of them aren't even pieces by those on my 'deviantwatch' list. Thus, I am also trying my best to be a better watcher which means commenting on those who put effort into art and allow us to view them without charge. I do not know what others want, whether they seek only praise or criticism but I'll do my best to provide both.
I want criticism and advice on how to improve, even if you have to say my work sucks that's perfectly fine, I'm not here to be worshiped I'm here to learn and to improve, to put more effort into my art and more of myself in there as well instead of trying to shoot off projects merely because they are required.

This journal is a message to myself in a sense to keep reminding myself of my goals. I am particularly nervous because this isn't the first time that I've made this goal you see, I am a horrible procrastinator and I know that needs to stop, well at least when it comes to art.

I have three specific areas that I wish to expand and improve in, Characters, Story, and Environments. These three things make up all that I love to create and do, design and meet new characters, create stories and experience them, and create new worlds and places to explore and discover. I want to better learn how to use the tools given to me to color and bring to life my sketches which also includes learning photoshop.

For those who have supported me and encouraged me, and given words of praise, I thank you all very much and hope that you'll stick with me through this time and hopefully I will get better.

Sorry, that I write such serious journals.

I don't believe in happily ever afters. It isn't that I'm a pessimist, but how do you define an ending? To me, an 'ending' is just another beginning because, well, it never does end.

I am seeing many of these messages/art/etc. recollect the year of 2009 and it got me to thinking about this year as well, for once instead of just looking forward to deadlines and what I need to get done by next year heheh.

2009 was indeed very hectic, schoolwise, artwise, mentally, emotionally, and relationship wise. All with the attempt to get into a good college and the mad dash to do so, I think back and realize that this year was very, nostalgic. This year almost seemed to look back on things that perhaps were forgotten or things I haven't thought about.

Between my characters, a lot of my first characters and older designs stepped back forward with something new to offer that I thought impossible, along with others I regret ever forgetting and many were revamped and made anew to join with all the others. Mainly Shadowking who started out only as a villain stick figure type character and now he has a backstory and a personality, goals, it was really quite something and I am reminded that one shouldn't give up on past ideas just because you think they are 'out of date' or 'can't be saved' you may be surprised at which characters come up from behind and surprise you. Elias, came back and I regret ever forgetting about him, but now he has returned as powerful as ever.

Nag has grown a lot to become a pain in the arse. Enit now has returned along with some of the dolls and though this year wielded many a new character and idea, it seemed mostly that I tried to stick with what I got, and thats good. A lot of ideas changed, especially behind Allie and Otherworld ((now Endland)). I look forward to another year with my crazy and psychotic posse, they make insanity fun.

Artwise, well, I'm not all too sure I advanced all that much...well, I shouldn't say that, my style has changed quite a bit, shifting from anime to a more westernized style where my character have more freedom it seems. I now am trying to expand the mediums I use but I feel that so much more could have been done, and I want 2010 to be a better year for my art, but thats for later.

Knowledge wise, I feel, well, smarter, I suppose, there were many things I learned about life, society, and what not. I'm not speaking about history facts or anything but just learning important lessons and and understanding that which is around you. It was a year of many lessons involving many consequences albeit and there were many oedipus moments that I won't go into. I have changed mentally and sometimes not for the better, I'm dissapointed to find myself cussing more and am trying to refrain from that but other things have happened to warp my mind a bit as well. I learned a lot about myself through my friends too, and I realized that I do have stuff to work on.

Relationship wise, it has been a bit tumultuous as I have gained new friends but become ever closer to current friends like ~nikiera. It's been a bit of a rough ride as I try to figure out everything and sometimes it is a struggle, it's something I'm not entirely used to and yet I've come to realize that the struggle is worth getting the friend in the end.

I was met with many new situations this year, me living in a protective bubble most of my life, I am experiencing many new and sometimes troubling situations and questions, luckily I have friends and family to help me out, but it has been a year of change in the way I look at things, at my religion, at other religions, etc.

But with all of this past, what do I look forward to in the future.

I look forward to another year with my friends and that things get better as we wind up the final years of highschool.

I would love to share more of my characters and ideas here on deviantart definitely, I've been afraid to because I've felt my art was not good enough or feared for idea theft, that sort of thing but I'm trying to not be such a ninny and just do it, heheh.

I want to better expand on the worlds I've created which also meeans learning to draw architecture and layout, which I'm actually pretty excited about, better understanding the world will hopefully help me to better understand more of my lesser known characters.

Artwise I hope to improve in different mediums and learn how to do a good backgound! ((this one is major)). I'd also love to dabble in some animation, Nag is actually a sort of fun candidate but I might not just cause he's being a major jerk right now and doesn't deserve to be animated.

2010 is looking to be a little hectic but nothing that unconquerable with the assistant of family and friends and it looks like there will be many lessons learned, I just hope that those close and dear to me will bless me by standing by my side as we enter a new day.

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Merry Christmas to you all!
Happy Quanza! And Hannukah to everyone who celebrates those holidays as well....I'm sorry if I horribly spelled them wrong.
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Forgive my horrible pun!
I saw it! I freaking saw it! Perhaps the most phenomenal movie I've seen in a while, and yes I'm biased, but who cares, Princess and the Frog is filled with Epic Win! I don't do this often but I feel a special bond to this movie and thus I feel I must write something about it!
I'll try not to spoil it but I might, so here's a warning for y'all.

Ah, traditional animation, where have you been these past five years!? Most know of Disney's decline from traditional animation after the decline of quality movies when Disney began to overuse Computer Graphics within their animated movies. Not to say that they were all bad, I am still quite a fan of Treasure Planet, however the movies seemed to degrade a bit in content. There were no more whimsical musical songs or touching romantic melodies that would stay in your head, in many cases, all we got were a few scenes with songs overlaying the scene and although it worked quite well for Tarzan I do believe many began to tire of this very quickly much like I did.
I think what killed it though was Home on the Range. Now, I saw this movie and even as a kid I was unimpressed, it wasn't terribly moving or engaging and the villain although comical was hardly bad enough to join the ranks of past Disney villains. After the failure of Home on the Range the traditional animation altogether vanished from the movies and soon from the cartoon shows to be replaced with animation that could be done in flash, for a while many thought the art was dead.
Then, low and behold, two years ago my mother introduces me to a short newspaer clipping announcing that disney was going to return to traditional animation for a new movie, it was not much but it was joyous news to know that the animation I so loved as a child might soon return!

Two years later, after many times re-watching the trailers and the small tidbits of information that the studios provided, attending sneak previews and memorizing the soundtrack before the spectacular movie came out, the movie was finally released!

Now, with what disney had provided in trailers my friend and I had tried to piece everything together, such as 'Why was Dr. Facilier looking nervous when he mentioned having to confront his 'friends'?' and 'Why did Naveen's butt suddenly infalte like a balloon?' but all was answered and I must say I could not be any more satisfied with this movie.

Sure, there are a few things in there that could've been improved but overall I just thought it was wonderful.

We receive our moral lesson early in the movie playing off of Disney's theme of 'wishing on a star.' However this comes with the twist that you have to also work for your dream instead of just wish for it to happen! Thus we have Tiana, our hard working waitress who dreams of owning her own restaurant, however, she works so hard that she misses out on the fun aspects of life. Then we meet her polar opposite, Prince Naveen, a slacker of a prince cut off from the royal money by his parents and now he is off to find a rich lady to marry and get their fortune so he can kick back and enjoy life again.

Now enters Dr. Facilier, perhaps one of the sexiest baddies Disney has ever belted out, hoohoho! This guy already gets to you with his voice which is done by the legendary Keith David. The singing, the dancing, and just the overall smooth talking tone of this guy just makes it impossible to disagree with this guy. I dare you people to watch this movie and tell me eye to eye that you would not make a deal with this guy, he's just too good and what he does!

Dr. Facilier was quite a delightful surprise being a much deeper villain than most others were though I think many miss this part since they complain that he's only after power, which he is, but for a particular reason. Dr. Facilier was a lot more human than I expected, at first you think he's some demi god but as the movie progresses you see Dr. Facilier show more of a humanistic side that seems to draw you in more to his character. I sort of felt a little more drawn into him because of his reasons actually, he's angry at the rich folk who parade around all high and mighty and come on, who hasn't felt that way, except for you rich folk.

Now, we all know that Tiana is turned into a frog after kissing Naveen, who mistook Tiana for a princess, and thus begins the adventure of the polar opposites, a most humorous adventure.

Edit: Gah this is so scatterbrained but I can't think straight anyhow, sorry, you'll just have to live with where was I?

Anyway! The La Bouffs were another delightful surprise in that they weren't stereotyped!! Rich non-snobby people? Who would have ever thought! Actually I think all my friends were surprised when she gave up Naveen to Tiana and didn't through a fit about it, mostly because considering her childhood and spoiled-ness we were expecting there'd be a bit more brat in her but she was one of those best friends a person could ask for, plus her 'enthusiasm' is just hilarious to watch.

Next we meet with Louis, a fun loving trumpet playing alligator, don't ask me where he got the trumpet or how he keeps it so darn clean considering he drags it through the water with him. Sadly, Louis wasn't as big as I thought he'd be, not literally, but he wasn't all that interesting and many a time I kind of felt he was background noise than part of the story, he's funny and I love his trumpet solos, but other than that he really only is comedy relief. But thats just me.

Then we have RAY! I freaking love this bug! I don't know why, he's just hilarious and he reminds me of how a child perceives everything as good and even though he's one of those 'pure of  heart' characters its just that you wouldn't really expect this cajun in bred lightning bug to fulfill that roll, not to mention he's a helpless romantic, I love his song 'ma belle evangeline'. Alright, if you haven't watched the movie and you don't want me to ruin a big twist then READ NO FURTHER! I was shocked when Facilier killed Ray! I remember a while ago I was watching an interview and one of the animators was telling about how Facilier would do something that would make people hate him, and the first thing that came to my head was 'what could be so horrible as to make someone hate a disney villain, especially one so charismatic?' Then I thought to another clip I saw of Ray preparing to fight and I just gave a guess that 'HE'S GOING TO KILL RAY!!! NOOOOO!" ...I was right, *cries*. Its strange, we didn't cry the first time because we thought "It's Disney! They wouldn't kill off a main character." But then they had a little funeral and it sort of hit us, he wasn't coming back, but they sent him off really nice, I won't say how. The second time, my friends and I actually got really teary eyed opposed to the first viewing since we knew then he wasn't coming back. I love you ray! Your child like innocence and love for your friends touched me so!

Hmm, ah yes, mama odi! Best Fairy godmother character EVUR! Not only because she was animated by the awesome Andrea Deja ((The animator of scar)) but just her sense of humor overall. She gets minimum screen time and thats still enough to make her a good character who tries to show our heroes what they really need with an awesome gospel style song that just makes you want to jump up and clap! Odi reminds me of those crazy old senile people who look like they don't know what they're doing,...but they do know what they're doing..ooooh.

Alright, Lets go over the two lead roles now.

Naveen, I think what makes Naveen so darn loveable is not only his confusing but sexy accent ((Seriously, is it french? brazilian?)) but also the fact that he's a prince who does something! Why does disney always transform the prince's with actual personalities into animals or something? I guess it's tradition, just like they usually kill off the princess's moms. He's lazy and easy going to the point where he'd rather get hitched to get money instead of just try to work anything really. On the outside, he has the appearance of any other disney prince, which is why I sort of enjoy him more as a frog, I don't know, it just seemed to fit him. I really loved naveen, he was funny and yet he was  a true character. It was funny how he came to change for the better before Tiana did but my friends and I joke that he was so shallow he didn't have to dig very far.

Tiana, I like the fact that she's a bit of a different character from most female heroines, she's determined and headstrong, but that doesn't make her admirable actually, that's her flaw, the fact that she's so determined that she cannot enjoy life and learn to relax. She was a bit of a stick in the mud but Naveen changed her for the better *wink wink*

Ah, we're done with the characters now, lets move on to story!

The story was simple and perhaps lacking but I think Disney made up for it with it's beautiful interpretation through the art and effort that was put in this movie, you are drawn into the scenes that you really just get lost in the moment at times.

I can't really say anything about the art, it really just speaks for itself.

I've read a lot of reviews on the movie and the problems people had with Princess and the Frog all follow a few problems.

1) Some found the movie prejudiced or racist. Seriously people, give it a rest! If everything were to be made politically correct just so one random freaking person in the audience doesn't get offended, heaven forbid, then really, there would be no room for artistic creativity because they'd be so caught up with just trying to make it nice for everyone. Heaven forbid someone gets offeneded that Tiana couldn't marry a black guy, I mean, what is this?! A black girl marrying an obscure french/indian/brazilian/??? guy?! Ludicrous! I mean, isn't America the melting pot?! Get over it!
Another complaint was that Facilier was a witchdoctor. Honestly, I never heard of a white witchdoctor, okay! I liked Facilier! It was something new and New Orleans is the Voodoo capital of America so....where's the problem? Really, even if they made a rich person the villain there'd still be complaints, you just can't win.

2) Another complaint was historical accuracy. GIVE IT A REST! Disney had enough problems with the racism complaints. I mean Tiana was originally supposed to be Maddy except, nooooooo, that sounds to close to 'mammy'a racist term for black women. And Tiana was going to be a chamber maid but noooooo, thats racist! Even though thats what it was like back then, we're not saying its right but honestly, it's hard to keep it accurate when there's so much else to try to do. Besides, fairytales aren't supposed to be historically accurate, so Nyeh!

3) Then there were those who claimed 'Its not like the old movies.' Alright, remove this thought from your head right now! Disney was never supposed to be about, making stuff like we did, it's always been about moving forward and yes, Disney was trying to return to traditional animation but they have to keep trying new things, maybe this isn't like the lion king, but it's a really great movie and you shouldn't watch it comparing it to all the other disney classics. Enjoy the movie itself.

4) This complain is the last and I only heard it once but I find this unacceptable. The complaint was that the animation was crappy and effortless and that the movie was on par of a bad saturday morning cartoon. NO! NONONNONNOONNONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO NOOO! I don't know whats wrong with your vision or what is wrong with you but this movie is beautiful art wise. Yes, I know that people have different opinions on the movie but do not say that this movie was effortless!! This movie had so much effort put into it to make it great. I don't know if you walked into the wrong movie or not, but do not, compare this to a saturday morning cartoon! The animation was flowing and wonderful and the art, as I've already said, is awe inspiring.

Don't worry, the person who made that statement got properly bashed by us the other critics, even some who didn't like the movie.

I know I'm just a Disney rabid fanatic but seriously, this movie really has worked its way into my top favorites, I just can't stop thinking about it and whenever I see a commercial or a poster or merchandise, that excitement starts up all over again and I'm probably going to re-watch this movie in the theaters at least four more times with luck! I've seen it twice already and I already want to see it again!

Hope you enjoyed this extremely long rant! Ciao.
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Well, I should have mentioned this earlier. This is mainly for those who I roleplay with who just happen to all be on Deviantart, how convenient.
Now, you may have noticed a pattern of re-occurring names and characters throughout the roleplays over the years, mainly Yuuku. Well, this is no coincidence and no I wasn't running out of ideas. You see, I tend to give my characters a lot of cameos. It's just fun to experiment with characters in various environments so I just tend to put the same character into different roleplays to experiment and have a bit of fun.
But each character does have a mainstream story or home, for example, Yuuku's home and mainstream storyline is in Otherworld along with his bro Hayatama, though both have made some cameos in other roleplays.

Why does this happen?
Well, I realized that a lot of my big characters actually originated from fan characters such as Nag. They start out in a fandom and then just sort of evolve and grow beyond that calling to become more original than anything else of course undergoing the necessary changes to do so, heheh.

Well, this is nothing major just a mini update for those who know me, thanks!
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From me is rants...nyeheh, for those who read these, I congratulate you on interest in an artist that produces no art on this website, nyeheheh.

Switching styles can be both fun and a pain in the arse I must say. So whats all this rambling about then? Ah, I was just thinking about how artists change over time. Come this time around two or so years ago I would have thought that I would be an anime style artist for the rest of my life, I had ideas on how to incorporate it further into the west and everything and then Poof! Now I'm on the verge of western style, still with an anime twist, but it does lie on the verge of that borderline.

Not to say that I'm disappointed, actually I quite enjoy the style, it allows for details but flexibility, aspects that I admired about both the eastern and western styles, respectively. I suppose I could just title this journal entry as 'How styles change over the years' but that'd be too blunt and boring in my perspective.

How'd my style get around to shifting? Simple, watching other artists and movies. I love watching anime but I have to say that some of my favorite movies come from a period of time where the characters were more round, much like Miyazaki. Anime today is very sharp, detailed, and can be heavy or light, but it wasn't always that way, in fact I can see the western influence in movies such as 'Little Nemo in Wonderland' and 'Catnapped'. I loved those movies for their forgery of two different worlds of animation and technique. They had that detail and yet they were light and flowed, it was exaggerated but it was pulled off so well you wouldn't even know. I like to fuse things, especially contrasting items
All those fun ideas are fun to merge.

I don't think this is the end of the road though, I wonder if there is an end of the,not really. I just watch artists and notice that many have their own 'style' and it's even attributed to them, but even then, you can see subtle changes in their work though the overall aura of it still remains quite the same. And now my 'space' key is pooping out on me.

Continue to experiment and don't try to directly find your style,I would say. Trying to 'find' your style is pointless, you'll find it once you learn to go with the flow instead of keeping your eyes on your progress constantly, but keep moving forward.

By the way, out of curiosity, how many here changed from anime style to western cartooning style? Or vice versa?

Just curious is all, I know a few artists who have taken that transition for whatever purpose they have.


Just a heads up, I took my gallery off my front page, no it's not gone completely but it's not something I want to be looking at right now.
I'm currently working on a number of other projects for portfolios and what not and it'll be killer so for the time being I'm trying to focus a little more on realism for the sake of having some variety in my artwork.
Meanwhile, my gallery no doubt will begin to be stocked with many many pictures for reference and observance.

Note: I am not copying these pictures! Just so you don't freak out. My teacher requires that we take at least three pictures and to use as reference so that we can draw our subject correctly and not just from our minds eye. For me, I have at least 10+ or more references per picture...nyeh.

Hope that helps you out.
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Salutations one and all,

I bid you season's hauntings, I know it is a bad pun but I love corny puns.
As Halloween rests but two days away I am reminded of something rather interesting and important, well, at least important to me.


Oh, I know it is random but to me it does not matter, I love all sorts of monsters, evil demonic corpse monsters, big bouncy candy monsters, cute possessed toy monsters, you name it and I'll find something huggable in it. I don't know if I've mentioned this before  but a lot of my characters are actually monsters being more of the inhuman sort than classical monsters such as vampires and werewolves, though they are present and accounted for as well.

I don't know what it is but monsters are just fascinating with how much you can warp their design and not have to account for it because hey! They're monsters, you can do whatever you want with them.

I've gotta say that I love bright colorful monsters, not the cute squishy ones but those rather demonic type dogs or something that have neon coloring, it's just fun, though people can overdo it and murder it horribly. Ha, but enough of that, I'm too much in a happy mood to complain about people's strange attempts at monsters.

How many other monster lovers are there out there?
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Yes, I know it isn't Halloween just yet, but it is the season so I decided to start being festive anyways. So, I thought to myself, what better way is there to be festive than to create some Halloween Tribute art! Yes, this is done by the majority of the Deviantart Community, but I would like to participate this year, however, I do have a tad bit of a problem. Lately it has been difficult for me to brainstorm ideas out on what I should do. I wouldn't go so far to call it an art block, rather there are just so many ideas and all are awesome to their own extent but I cannot find one that genuinely excites me.

So, I ask for your help if you would like to assist me.

I have a few general ideas of what I might want to do such as a landscape with Halloween themes or possibly a picture of a part/the whole Citadel Crew dressing up for the season.

I actually feel in the mood to do both a landscape and a subject picture but I just don't know what I am going to do and in what medium.

Any suggestions?

Current Projects:
-In the Presence of the King- (Alley & Shadowking)-(In Painting Process)
-Citadel Theme Pictures-(Brainstorming)
-Halloween Tributes (Brainstorming)
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Update on Art is at bottom of the journal, that way you can skip the rant if you want:

I suppose that from now on, I will label my Journal Title's. If you see 'Discussion' you can bet that there is a rant about some random topic in store. If you see 'Alert' it means I am presenting a message to those who watch me, and am not making some random message about whatever, Alert messages will have a purpose I suppose you could say.

No, this is not pertaining to any awkward eating habits of mind or anyone I know, and it is definitely not about the eating habits of those I do not know. For those of you fascinated with the topic of eating habits, I am sorry to disappoint you and  hope you may forgive me one of these days, but for now there is another topic that I wish to rant about, those who do not like rants, I apologize as well.

Well, now that we have the lamest of intros out of the way, lets reveal the topic, Monsters. I LOVE monsters to such a high degree. Monsters have been a fascination of mine since I began to draw around seven plus years ago. When I started, I was more intimate with mythological monsters, such as dragons, unicorns, the simple fantasy family of monsters that are spoken of in the multitude in the many books and movies that the younger audiences tended to watch. As one grows, their knowledge of monsters begins to expand, as did mine. I developed a fascination with learning about monster and creatures from all different cultures and religions, from the barghests of the UK to the egyptian goddess Baset of Egypt.

But as you know, mythological monsters are not the only monsters to be admired, there are those monsters that individuals create like those insane mutant half organic half technological hybrid beasties, I love them all.

Though it has failed to shown in my gallery, monsters make up a large percentage of my art and characters, in fact a discussion with a friend a few days ago made me realize just how many non-human characters I possess, the comparison is alarming, if ever I pitted non-human appearing characters against those with a more human appearance, I daresay the former team would be slaughtered. Now, I never really considered this a bad thing. Merely because I like monsters does not mean that they hinder other areas of art, but merely they are a preference.

The majority of artists have preferences, what they like to draw opposed to what they don't like. Sadly, many people confuse this with believing that an artist lacks the capability to draw what they don't like. For example, you can find artists here on the DA who have galleries filled with pictures of canines and you may wonder' why not cats?' Well, some come to believe that the artist cannot draw a cat, which is an unfair assumption, just because someone doesn't draw it much doesn't mean they cannot draw it.

But I am off topic.

Monsters, what makes them so fascinating to some and so terrifying to others. How can one person love, cuddle, and coo over a zombie dog whilst another can merely scream, run home, lock the house down, and cower under the covers till morning? Many believe that monsters are not important, I respectively disagree, monsters have been apart of our history since, well, history began. Every culture seems to have created some form of inhuman creature that either was for or against them. From the giants of the Babylonians to the Sphinxes of Egypt to the Chimera of the Greeks, monsters and creatures have always been there.

I think it's  just personal preference with people, you know, some are raised to fear the boogie man, some come to be fascinated by him instead. *shrugs, Everybody is different. It's just funny cause I tend to love the characters in movies your supposed to hate or be afraid of, not always, but many times.

Personally, I love monsters, I love many things about them and I love to draw them, Hopefully you'll get to see that if ever I actually start posting my art again.

Update: You may have noticed I cleared my gallery. Do not worry, it is not gone, you'll just have to browse to find it. It's a weird habit of mine, but if my gallery seems cluttered, I clear it for the time being until I can make it organized. Thank you for your patience.


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I do so like to write on random topics, today I am writing about art blocks. Artists know them well, one day you pick up the pen or tablet and you cannot draw, or write, or do whatever it is you do. You can try but it never seems to be right and it just seems there is nothing left to draw, or perhaps you have lost it.

Many artists will recognize this feeling, this cringing feeling, but it will not last forever, albeit, it may last for a while, but the thing with inspiration and art is, you never know where inspiration will hit you, and in most cases it is likely to fall out of the blue and topple you over with great force so that your are rushing for pen and paper to get it down. It's a strange lifestyle yet we love it too much to give it up, even when it hurts us at times.
It was a bit coincidental when I watched Kiki's Delivery Service, one of Miyazaki's films from Studio Ghibli. It has a very true message in there pertaining to things like 'art blocks'. Warning, for those who wish to see it or what not, spoilers are in order.

Basically, there is one part in the story when Kiki loses her magic and ability to fly, and it depresses her because well, it was her skill, it made her happy. Her friends suggest taking a break, and there is one friend who takes Kiki to her cabin in the woods, this friend is an artist and talks to Kiki about how she at times was unable to paint, but it comes back, think about why you do what you do,and for the time being, just admire the scenery or look around, you never know when inspiration will hit you again, don't give up and do not worry, just let it come and go.

Motivational Message Aside, I am still seeking people for the Original Character Guild, named Citadel on Gaia online, still seeking members, sorry for my inactivity, contact me at alley-lion on gaia and tell me who you are and why you want to join and I'll do my best to assist you, thank you.


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Dreams speaking, I would like to send out a little message from a guild on called Citadel. Citadel is much like a mini creative city where, artists, writers, roleplayers, original character designers, poets, photographers, etc. can come together and mingle. Citadel is offering a chance for all original characters to come together in one place to team up in roleplays, or you can even battle under a system that is still currently under construction, but should be up soon.

Here is a List of what Citadel has to offer:

-A profile system that allows people to view others original characters. Here, if you wish to posts an original character of yours, you may create a profile and this will allow your character to walk around Citadel Freely!.

-Roleplaying, obviously, with all these original characters and creative writers coming together, there is bound to be some roleplaying,Citadel offers two types of roleplaying, 'In-Citadel-Playing' and 'Custom-Playing'. In Citadel Playing is basically roleplaying within the breeches of Citadel, thus your character can explore the city get caught in a fight, or even save the world! 'Custom-Playing' is basically where a person makes their own Roleplay world, 'It can be a demon roleplay, vamp roleplay, whatever you wish' and then roleplayers play within that world. Also, we have to sections when it comes to Custom Playing, we have the normal roleplaying section where anyone is allowed to play and then the Advanced Section where only highly literate members that post well thought out posts constantly are allowed to play. Anyone can sign up for the Advanced Section, basically an Elite will give you a situation, then you must write out a page or so about how you solve to get out of that situation. But it will be fun!

-Art Section: Here, artists can post their work, get critiqued and enter competitions we even have a comic section that holds a similar system to the roleplay and is hosted by :iconnikiera:. We at Citadel do recomment that members have some way to protect their art from being stolen, a watermark or what not, since we cannot always protect our members from thieves.

-TO conclude this ad, there is also a section to create mini shops where you can extend on your current shop or make a shop that is directed towards a specific audience.

-Ah, but what I like a lot is the Evaluation and Critique section where artists, writers, etc. can post their work to be scrutinized and examined thoroughly by their peers.


I am sorry if you are rather boggled about me advertising here, but you see, this guild is semi-based off of the deviantart way, it's a community for creative people to come together and have fun in a virtual settings, it is just on gaia and what not. One of the main points of the guild is to help members build and improve, thus I come here asking for artists who are already experienced with this type of community to come and take a peek.

Of course, we are still under construction but we are getting near to completion.

If you have any interest, please contact me here or on gaia at my account alley-lion.

Thank you for your time!
I highly need to get off of this addiction to, it is quite the fun website but the problem is that I cannot get enough of it, I hardly do anything but gaia surfing and that puts a major dent in art activities, which concerns me. People say move at your own pace, but I think there is a limit and I think I just pushed that line, which means that an inner mind war is about to ensue.
Oi, these headaches are going to be quite nasty aren't they? Darn brain wars.
Basically it's regret vs. laziness,  WHO WILL WIN?
I hope regret will kick laziness' arse so that I'll finally get up and do and not just think about it.

Hehe, my audience is probably thinking I am quite whiney right now, eh? Well, they are absolutely correct, ha, but not much you can do, eh? This is like a slap to the face...for me...ow.

I really wanted to get that other journal off too, I seem so, easily agitated, which isn't true, I actually cannot even remember why I wrote that, maybe someone ticked me off, that might be it, darn people and ticking me off. FISTS OF PUNISHMENT!! *RAAWR*

Go me! *waves flag*

On the plus side, I finally got a design I like for a character I was working on named Gritz. He is supposed to be a rather powerful entity but he's in disguise that makes him much smaller and less threatening. I couldn't think of a design for either form, but I finally got his smaller form done, and hopefully that will help me with the big form. I also got down Dreams' Blue Gape Guard Form, which is rather good for me considering that I was having problems with that too, boy that took a while, darn art blocks.

Well, not much to say then other than these few rantings. I shall see you all a little later, hopefully next time with some art in store.

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You may not like what I do today, you may see me and think that I do not have the skills and talents like others do, but today is only today and I have an entire future to look forward to. I might not be great today, but I will be I promise you. I like where I am, I like what I am doing, and I like where I am going, and I will not stop pursuing what I want until i have it. Mock me today if you will, compare and contrast me, judge and dismantle me with words that mean only as much as the person who receives them allows them to mean, here, they mean nothing. I'll be there someday, I will be great, if not to others, to myself, no matter where I am, where I go, I'll be pursuing what I want, so don't insult me today if you don't know what I'll be tomorrow, you might just eat your own words and see the birth of a shining star arise right in front of your eyes, as long as I have the means and the motivation, nothing can stop me, I'll get there someday.

This isn't meant for anything but myself really. I was just thinking about how many people often critically judge beginning artists for not being as good as popular artists, and I've been there...I'm still there. I look at some of the works on deviantart and I grow green with envy, but it is an envy that doesn't just make me want to be an artist, it is an envy that sparks a fire within me to want to improve, that tells me 'I can do that, if only I put my mind and heart to it'. It's a little corny, and cliche'd, but hey, most things in life are nowadays.

If you're starting out, don't give up no matter what people tell you because most great artists started out in the dirt, what makes them different from dirt is the willingness to get better and improve, so don't take any shit, but also be open to criticisms and advice from other artists, it's hard but it pays off in the end...perhaps not in money, but in accomplishment.

Art Projects:
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~Series of Imaginary Landscapes {If anyone can find some good examples of watercolor castles and night scenes, that'd be great}
~Poses, Color Scheme, and Expressions for Dreams-King
~Designs for Alley (Blue Sovereign form) {In sketches and coloring}
~Blue Jackal, Blue Sovereign, & Doomsdoll Compilation {Rough Sketches}
Gosh, I don't know what to say, yes, I heard about his death a while ago, but it didn't really hit me till today. If you don't know what I am talking about, Wayne Allwine, the voice of mickey mouse for about the past 30 years passed away and I don't know what to say.

Disney has always been with me, disney is a major part of who I am today! I grew up with mickey and all of those disney movies and they helped inspire me in so many ways as an artist, even now I still watch them and love them so much, losing the voice of mickey is...devastating. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, all are practically known by their unique voices, so it's gonna be hard.

What hurts even more is that Wayne's wife played the voice of minnie mouse! It was perfect and now it's like it is gone, you won't be able to see mickey without being hurt a little.

Goodbye Wayne! We'll miss you.

If you do not like mickey mouse, or disney, whatever, now is not the right time to make a comment about it, understand?